About Us

What we do and who we are.

Vision & Mission

To design and build environmentally sustainable buildings, infrastructure and projects that support human life daily needs and healthcare; adhere to disability, culture, religion and other design needs; protect the wildlife, environment, and all forms of life.

University Endowment

Through a Design-Build Plan, the majority Company ownership is by Diaspora University Trust.


Concept Construction (Co) Limited was founded February 2008 by Ernest Mungai Kamau after visiting and presentation at WPI U.S-Africa Business conference held May, 2007. The Company goal was to construct buildings and infrastructure in Kenya through partnership with Diaspora Kenyans.

In the WPI U.S-Africa Business Conference held June 2008, the Company advanced partnerships for property and infrastructure development. In 2008 the Company also got its first contract in Kenya.

In the WPI U.S-Africa Business conference held June 2019, that featured the founding of a University and Town; the Company became the Design-Build Company and has since progressed what has become the Diaspora University Town development.

Design – Build Approach

Concept Uses a Design-Build Approach through a Design-Build Contract and system of Executive Team and Design-Build Team to produce and deliver a project.

Design-Build (DB) Team

The Design-Build Team of DB Team is made up of Design, Engineering and Construction professionals who once formed as a team and headed a Team leader also called Design-Builder or Project Manager deliver a project.

Professional List

  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors

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